Off the European game & fish, technology stocks U.S. stock exchange during a crash 2018/3/20 13:28:26

Sterling led by the European Monetary System in March 19th the collective "salted fish", the reason is because the British protracted negotiations dragged Europe finally ushered in significant progress, while the European Central Bank officials

The terrorist CPI cloud ouying political storm to save $. 2018/3/13 13:47:07

In the United States after the February non farm employment data showed unexpected wage growth slowed down, investors also hold considerable doubts, for the February U.S. consumer price data at the same time, the market risk sentiment has changed dramatic

Market focus on Italy election results, European political risk or pressure on the euro 2018/3/5 13:39:01

Beijing time Monday (March 5th) euro against the US dollar under the impact of European political risk, such as the Italy general election, failed to continue the rebound on Thursday. The current Italy parliamentary elections and subsequent Cabinet buildi

The five major aspects of Britain's economy have also been affected. 2018/3/1 13:09:50

The European Commission previously announced from Europe for Europe and the EU draft, draft, British Prime Minister Teresa May expressed opposition, which makes the pound fell nearly a hundred points, and the decision to withdraw from the EU referendum in

Powell's first show was successful, the US dollar hit the road or it started. 2018/2/28 13:46:21

Powell, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, made its first public appearance since he took office, in addition to investors doubts about his ability to charge the Fed. In recent weeks, the U.S. stock market is like a roller coaster, fall in Powell after

Wait for the market with Powell speech, the four key to grasp the lifeline of the market 2018/2/27 14:45:50

The focus of the global market now falls on Powells policy report on the Financial Services Committee of the house of Representatives, which is Powells first appearance as the chairman of the Federal Reserve in the public. Although policy gradualism may b

The Fed's low interest rate or not in recession, Powell will come forward to appease the people? 2018/2/26 14:08:14

Fed policymakers worry that the next face of a US recession, the policy may be available in their hands and not much difference between an economic downturn before, the current situation of the Feds leadership transition in the past are different, and thi

Powell opened the new era of the Fed 2018/2/5 11:06:36

From February 5th to February 9th, with the end of Yellens tenure, the new chairman of the Federal Reserve, Powell, was formally sworn in. This week the Federal Reserve, the New Zealand Federal Reserve and the Bank of England will announce their first int

Trump's state of the Union address is robust, and the dollar is stable to brew a new market 2018/1/31 14:05:01

In January 31st, the highly anticipated Trump state of the Union speech finally ended, Trump began a slightly optimistic tone, short-term boost the dollar, but then again mentioned in Trump built a wall, and maintain a tough stance against North Korea, ge

Delaki's market is fleeting, and Trump is in a crisis to save the dollar 2018/1/26 12:45:12

The market trend has been more and more brilliant recently. After the European Central Bank President Delakis wording style is generally hawk, the euro has surged more than 100 points to 1.25 above the dollar. However, this market did not last for a long