The Fed's decision expected Eagle song loud, Powell would use conference for hawks cooling 2018/3/20 13:29:19

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell may use his first press conference to balance the obvious hawkish tendencies of the central banks policy committee ticket Committee this year.

The oil yield down long, focus this week bimonthly newspaper 2018/3/13 13:48:20

In March 13th, the Asian market early, the United States oil delivery light, small pressure below 61.25. Investors are worried about rising oil production in the United States, which is focusing on the monthly report on the two authoritative organizations

Support oil prices when multiple heads continue to increase 2018/3/5 13:40:10

Although the number of drilling rig has reached 800 for the first time in nearly 3 years, the oil price has been kept near the high of the rebound affected by the continued increase in the net multi head holding of crude oil. As the United States began to

OPEC and the American corner oil market, the oil price jumps down 2018/3/1 13:10:36

This week, after a 3 - week high, the price of oil created a weeks low. The jump in oil prices shows that the market is uncertain about the oil market, and this trend is even more obvious as the OPEC and the United States become more competitive.

The interest increase concerns the market, and US shares will be as good as ever in March. 2018/2/28 13:47:12

After the tumultuous February, the stock market will meet the two usually best months of the year. Back to 1945, the stock market had a 2/3 rise in March, which was even higher in April, up to 69%. April is usually the second best month of the year, with

Oil prices hit a three - week high, paying attention to API and the Fed 2018/2/27 14:46:49

As a result of the surge in US stocks and the weakening of the dollar, US oil rose to $64.24 in 3 weeks. In the evening, Powell will ask questions in Parliament. He will make a statement about raising interest rates. At the same time, API data will be rel

Oil price brushing half a month high, OPEC and the U.S. 2018/2/26 14:09:50

Affected by the closure of the Libya oil field, oil prices have created a new high since February 8th. Although the number of US crude oil drilling has increased for 5 consecutive weeks, while the US crude oil output has continued to increase, OPEC is sti

The United States refers to higher bond yields and suppress the gold price rally, or by the end of 2018/2/5 11:08:24

In February 2nd, the upward trend of gold prices may not last until the end of winter, because bond yields soar on weekends, thereby increasing the opportunity cost of gold. As the price of gold is expected to end this week, analysts say gold is likely to

the strongest trump Raiders points and the full play of trading opportunities 2018/1/31 14:06:20

At 10:00 on January 31st Beijing, President Trump will release his first "state of the Union address" since he took office. "Big mouth" Trump let the market on the heavy speech full of curiosity -- whether Trump will have his words? Wi

The oil price has been frustrated at the top, and the short-term callback then restores 2018/1/26 12:46:02

Although in January 25 the set period of time, the distributing both hit a new high, but as Trump propaganda to support a strong dollar, oil prices down. At the same time, with the increase of oil production, refinery production and the end of the peak de