The RBA minutes stressed that the appreciation of the Australian dollar has dragged the economy 2018/3/20 13:30:14

Beijing time, March 20th 08:30, the RBA announced the March monetary policy meeting minutes. The RBA said low interest rates have played a role in reducing unemployment and raising inflation. Australias GDP growth in 2018 is expected to exceed the potenti

FED March resolution menacing, gold or the second half counterattack to retreat 2018/3/13 13:47:42

As the Federal Reserves March interest rate resolution is coming out in March 22nd, much of the bullion is decreasing, as investors generally expect the fed to raise interest rates in March. But one investment company predicts that gold will gradually str

It is imperative for Italy to organize a pavilion at the beginning of this week's market 2018/3/5 13:40:49

According to the latest export poll in March 5th, it is imperative for Italy to organize a cabinet. In addition, Germany successfully organized a cabinet to clear up the political obstacles to the fourth prime ministers term of office for Merkel. This wee

The gold price is in a disadvantageous position 2018/3/1 13:11:38

In March 1st, Asian city in early trading, spot gold fell to $1315 line trading, the continuation of the previous weak trend today, Powell will once again in the Senate. At the same time, the Fed will announce its preferred inflation index, the PCE index

Gold price lost 50 day average, short term return risk increased 2018/2/28 14:14:36

In February 28th, spot gold kept the trend of narrow arrangement under 1320 US dollars. Before Powell, the Federal Reserve Chairman, first issued a hawkish message to the congressional testimony for monetary policy, the price of gold has fallen down. The

Gold price rebound kinetic energy weakening, market or brewing market 2018/2/27 14:47:31

In February 27th, Asian city in early trading, spot gold edged away from the overnight hit a one week high, investors bet on Powell this week in a speech to members of Congress, that intends to guide us monetary policy steady progress, which dragged down

Libya's oil exports are going to decline in major oil fields due to the closure of protests 2018/2/26 14:10:53

In February 23rd, protests broke out in El-Feel, the main oil field in Libya, which had to be closed and workers had to evacuate. Because of this force majeure, Libyas oil exports will decline.

The salary rose to dovish stance loose, but still wary of data distortion caused by the tax reform 2018/2/5 11:09:18

After the announcement of the non farm employment data in January, Cash Cary, the famous dovish member of the Federal Reserve, said in an interview that the most important thing in the non farm employment report is the growth of salary data. If the salary

Australia's four quarter CPI failed to make Australian dollar dive 50 points 2018/1/31 14:08:25

In January 31st the Asian city in early trading, Australias fourth quarter CPI annualized rate and are not expected, the Australian dollar plunge. Then Chinas January official manufacturing industry PMI was less than the previous and expected values, and

Trump held up the gold price for a time, and he still did not abandon it. 2018/1/26 12:46:47

In January 26th, Asian city in early trading, spot gold rose slightly to $1350 mark of trading, the overnight U.S. President Trump sound behind the dollar, the dollar index rebounded sharply in the short-term over a hundred points, and the price of gold f