Golden give 20% for the first time

New customers welcome courtesy, enjoy the highest to 20% opening gifts

FINANCIAL NETWORK SERVICES7 anniversary, especially for new customers send welcome gift, customers can enjoy the highest to 20% welcome bonus, the bonus will be cash injection of customers within the trading account!

The 1 time: as of December 31, 2015 20:59 GMT.

2 activities: all objects in FINANCIAL NETWORK SERVICES for the first time to open a trading account customer #.

# new customer refers to customers in the FINANCIAL NETWORK SERVICES new account activity period, customers previously did not have trading account.

3 rules

3.1. new customers in the transaction account activation on the same day a natural day ## accumulated in more than $250 in gold that have the opportunity to obtain the corresponding bonus, the bonus will start to credit form, into customer's transaction account in two working days. When the customer within 6 months to meet the following requirements (the number of trades transactions must be in the same transaction account), can be converted into cash bonus credits, 6 months later (in order to activate the time) not converted into cash credits will be cancelled. Details are as follows:





250 -999



1,000 -1,999



2,000 -4,999



5,000 -7,999



8,000 -14,999



15,000 -34,999



35,000 -49,999










## a natural day: 20:59 GMT 21:00 GMT to the day of the day before, such as the October 1st natural day is September 30th to October 1st 20:59 GMT 21:00 GMT.


Any way, 3.2 customers can use the FINANCIAL NETWORK provided by SERVICES into gold to participate in activities.

3.3 customers such as the use of wire transfer into gold, the bank will charge a fee in the remittance process. If the customer can show the amount is 250 dollar remittance proof, even if the collected funds from less than $250 may still participate in the bonus. Grants will be in accordance with the actual amount calculation account.

3.4 if the customer during the event for gold or money transfers, grants will be a corresponding deduction, the remaining bonus will be the first day into gold in gold or transfers minus net amount after the corresponding bonus. The volume of transactions will be in accordance with the trading volume of the current bonus where gear requirements are calculated.

Example: $6000 a customer account, get $600 bonus ($5000 $-7999 account), has yet to meet the 70 hand transaction volume, now the customer a $3000 bonus gold, grades will be adjusted to 240 dollars ($2000) $-4999 accounts, so will deduct $360 bonus, account surplus of $240 the bonus, the volume of transactions require adjustment for 30 hands. When they meet the 30 hand transaction volume, please send an email to, from the credit bonus will be converted into cash, injection in the trading account.

Example two: customer account gets $6000, $600 bonus ($5000 $-7999 account), then the customer again deposit of $3000, then $3000, bonus (credit) to maintain the $600.


3.5 experience account into gold can attend the orientation into gold activities, and in accordance with the gold day into total into gold to obtain the corresponding bonus. Experience account into gold, please send e-mail to notice into gold details, to participate in the new year bonus.

3.6 if the client within 6 months has not yet reached the trading volume bonus where gear requirements, according to grade can reach the gifts exchange grants, grants credits will be withdrawn.

Example: customer account gets $6000, $600 bonus ($5000 $-7999 account), need to meet the 70 hand transaction volume. After 6 months only 35 hands, 30 hands transactions meet the $240 bonus ($2000-4999) requirements to open an account, can get $240 in cash, bonus credits to withdraw.


3.7 to celebrate the anniversary, FINANCIAL NETWORK SERVICES at the same time as the old customers to provide grants to a maximum of 5000 dollar trading activities, new customers can be chosen arbitrarily in the old customer transaction bonus or new customers welcome bonus, but not at the same time to participate in the two event. The volume of transactions two activities can not repeat the calculation. The old customer transaction bonus event details, please click here.

3.8 welcome bonus in the new customer, may at any time apply for grants to cash and give up the rest of the bonus, customers can get the actual trading volume where the stall of the corresponding bonus, but the rest of the bonus will be withdrawn. Customer please send changes to participate in the bonus application mail to Application will be processed within one working day, and from the received mail 21:00 GMT customer automatically in old customer transaction bonus.

Example: the trading account activation in October 10th, and in the total deposit of $6000, may obtain grants credit of $600. Customers in November 3rd to send mail to apply for early settlement, this volume for 35 hand, customers can get $240 in cash, the entire $600 bonus will be withdrawn. Customers and from November 3rd 21:00 GMT started to attend the old customer transaction bonus, and according to the volume of transactions in November 3rd to November 30th 21:00 GMT 20:59 GMT November deal bonus calculation.

4 other rules

4.1 open the same name account (sub account) cannot participate in new customers welcome bonus plan.

4.2 opening into the gold and the transaction number according to a single transaction account calculation, different trading volume cannot be merged under the name of account.

4.3 welcome bonus does not apply to institutions and Options Account account.

4.4 FINANCIAL NETWORK SERVICES will have the right to cancel the preferential benefit activity for attempting to tamper with or violates the terms of customer grants. FINANCIAL NETWORK SERVICES will reserve the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time. Any notice to modify or terminate activities will be issued by FINANCIAL NETWORK SERVICES's announcement.

4.5 such as customers in obtaining grants credits after extraction of all or most of the funds, the use of credit transactions, FINANCIAL NETWORK SERVICES has the right to cancel the transaction and recover the customer for the company losses.

4.6 FINANCIAL NETWORK SERVICES has the right of final interpretation of the activities of the.

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