How can I view the FNS provides all trades?

In the "market price" window, right click and select "show all", can see all the products can be traded. The specific transaction code and the corresponding product name, please click here.

I have already download MT4 platform. How can true account login to trade?

After customer success into gold activation account, the system will provide you with trading account, password and server data, you only need to use the account and password login AETOS MT4 trading platform, select the server, you can log in real trading account.

How to change the MT4 trading password?

If you want to change the FNS MT4 real trading account password, please login FNS website Please use your E-mail address as user name login AETOS elitop website, and in the column by verifying website login password change passwords after modified.

How in FNS insert chart indicators in MT4 platform?

Please follow these steps:

1. On the top menu bar, select "insert" > "specifications";

2. You can also from the "navigation" insert "technical indicators" part.

How do I create the trend line and other lines of research?

Please make the following steps:

1. On the top menu bar, select "insert";

2. Select the desired trend line;

3. Release the mouse button, will appear with a crosshair selected trend line image icon. Use the mouse to put the cross hairs on the selected chart. Mouse click, hold on to move the mouse to adjust the size of the trend line. Line the shortcut can also by clicking on the "browse" > > "toolbar" "line" quick access, let icon appeared just below the menu bar. You can also choose other options appear at the top of the screen, click the trend line, cross hairs, Fibonacci callback line, etc.

MT4 user guide?

Yes, please select "help" > on the platform "help topic".

What time is on MT4 platform? This time can be adjusted?

Customers see time on MT4 for Greenwich mean time (GMT), 8 hours later than Beijing time.

How to choose to use a language in MT4?

On the top menu bar, select view - > languages - > Chinese (simplified), and then restart the MT4 software, interface display language is Chinese.

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