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The main focus of the market is the Bank of Japan and the U.S. Federal Reserve Board (/FED) are the end of the meeting on Wednesday, but once these events are over, the British off Europe doubts will once again dominate.
"Before tomorrow's meeting of FOMC, the pound. Last week the British exit murmur, let us more reason for rallies unwound, Western Union director Tobias Davis said.
"$1.33 is the majority of market participants viewed upside targets for short-term selling level is very good, but the pound remained in the vicinity of an important support line 1.3030-1.3040 ankylose."
Holland bank analyst pointed out that has high end exchange rate forecast, EUR / GBP and GBP / USD material respectively in 0.83 and 1.33, and the risk of bias on the upside.

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The pound was steady, the Fed and the Bank of Japan meeting is the focus of the market
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