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The pound was steady, the Fed and the Bank of Japan meeting is the focus of the market

Release date: 2016/9/20 17:49:32

The main focus of the market is the Bank of Japan and the U.S. Federal Reserve Board (/FED) are the end of the meeting on Wednesday, but once these events are over, the British off Europe doubts will once again dominate."Before tomorrows meeting of F

Currency options data error announcement

Release date: 2016/6/20 9:10:00

The announcement Because of currency options BX8 trading system GMT2016.06.20 00:00:00 system upgrade data update error, which temporarily cannot login trading system, the part of the customer in the engineering department to repair! Predict to be

Adjust the announcement about our product

Release date: 2016/5/31 12:01:11

On currency options varieties adjustment notice!

Currency options of new product announcements

Release date: 2016/5/27 14:58:08

With the new currency options trading system online, 2016.5.30 00:00:01 (GMT) part of the new currency options system varieties synchronous online. Options users please note!

CAPITAL FORNS will be upgraded to the 2015.8.29 system upgrade announcement

Release date: 2015/8/27 12:08:05

Public reportsCapita GMT will be 2015.8.29 04:00 2015.8.30 - 00:00 Forns to upgrade the system to maintain, the upgrade may affect the part of the account login, such as account login failed to log in after the upgrade!GMT 2015.8.31 01:00 all the normal m

Euro Gaps Lower as Greek Negotiations Continue into the Night

Release date: 2015/7/13 10:57:19

On Sunday, talks between Greece and its creditors ended in a stalemate as both sides could not agree on major issues. The Euro gapped more than -0.5 percent versus its US counterpart, and -1.0 percent versus the Japanese Yen in morning trade. Greek Prime


Release date: 2014/10/27 14:25:28

InBeijing time today at 2 o 'clock in the morning, afternoon us time 8 released the latest fed policy-setting meeting minutes. Showed that the fed or because of the global economic slowdown, low inflation brought bythe stronger dollar may have a negative

FNS China road office

Release date: 2014/10/27 14:23:06

China road office