Authorization and supervision

FNSFX UK business group Famous Miracle Limited's financial trading platform, registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). Is in accordance with the "2010 Securities and Investment Business Act" (SIBA) Forex broker-dealer is authorized and regulated in the British Virgin Islands business via the British Virgin Islands Financial Committee (BVI FSC), the Group is involved in financial services, insurance, real estate , manufacturing, trade, and other industries.
BVI is a British Overseas Territory, its legal system is based on British common law. BVI support the existence of international business within its jurisdiction, to obtain a global ranking in the forefront of offshore jurisdictions.
In 2010, the International Monetary Fund IMF has released statement pointed out that the world financial crisis will not affect the companies registered in the BVI's. Statement also reiterated in international regulatory and core principles as securities and investment business under the Act, Financial Services Commission (FSC) with the ability to monitor and control the BVI subsidiary company registered in line with its financial markets.
In addition, in 2013, FSC and in 31 European countries, regulatory authorities have signed a Memorandum of Understanding ("MoU") concerning the regulation and supervision of mutual fund managers together to fulfill the EU Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID). In the agreement reaffirmed the FSC in holding the important role of international regulations and inform investors about the jurisdiction of the British Virgin Islands is recognized by the global financial sector.
FNSFX comply with national regulations and international regulatory bodies, with the highest requirements and standards commitments.
In a regulated enterprise transactions, FNSFX customers that their transactions are secure, transparent and complete.
FNSFX by the following competent authorities / regulators and professional government authorization, registration and subject to supervision:

 British Virgin Islands (registration number: 1881271)
British Virgin Islands is the world's fastest growing offshore investment center. BVI Mutual Funds Act on January 2, 1998 and the Money Laundering Control Act came into force in force December 29, 2000 Islands-registered company for supervision, in order to promote the stable development of the industry and protect the interests of customers. With the United States signed a "mutual legal assistance agreement" (Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty), in order to guard against the use of criminal organizations.

British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (BVI FSC)
Government of the British Virgin Islands (The British Virgin Islands) designated as the British financial regulators Virgin Islands Financial Committee (The British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission), referred to as the "BVI FSC", responsible for the supervision in the British Virgin Islands registered "from shore company. ""2010 Securities and Investment Business Act" (Securities and Investment Business Act of 2010, SIBA), it is currently the control of the British Virgin Islands investment business activities of the new regulatory regime.

EU Markets in Financial Instruments (MiFID)
"Markets in Financial Instruments Directive 2004/39 / EC (MiFID) is subsequently amended the legal provisions of the European Union, which provides unified control over the European economic area for the investment services more than 30 member countries. (27 EU Member States, Iceland , Norway and Liechtenstein.) MiFID compliance with the EU "passport" principle by the investment Services Directive (ISD) proposed. FNSFX full compliance with MiFID regulations, according to investment services, behavior and market law, in 2007 the introduction of the provisions of 144 (I) / 2007 . "


 Vanuatu (Registration No.: 14649)

Vanuatu Financial Services Committee ("VFSC"), established in 1993, oversees all of the country's financial licenses.




HSBC is one of the world's largest banking and financial services. Through four global businesses: Retail Banking and wealth management, business finance, global banking and capital markets, and global private banking, providing services to more than 47 million customers.


Bank of Cyprus

Bank of Cyprus (Greek: T P PI epsilon zeta alpha kappa PI Rho Omicron upsilon), Cyprus's largest bank, listed on the Cyprus stock exchange, the exchange is the largest market capitalization companies.



National Bank of Vanuatu

Vanuatu's state-owned banks, established in August 1991, the initial government is its sole shareholder. In 2012 the bank to achieve commercialization, the current shareholders include: the Vanuatu government, the Vanuatu national reserve fund and the international financial company.




Barclays is one of the largest financial banks in the UK. Barclays, which has branches in many other countries, is a huge multinational bank. Barclays Bank has a history of more than 300 years, covering more than and 60 countries, including all financial centers.




Liri (Leverate)

In the  Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 standings in the name of eighth, these are Israel's most rapid growth of technology companies, and subsequently in the EMEA Technology Fast Deloitte 500 in the forty-eighth standings.



Fubon Financial (FXBON)

From home and abroad elite is FXBON team. We have years finance, marketing, consulting, and media, and overseas business partners and the cooperation experience, has a strong operational capacity and overseas business technical strength. , the only company in China with New Zealand's overseas team, is also the most authoritative professional operations consultant.


DDT Certified Public Accountants (Deloitte)

"DDT is the largest and most professional accounting firm in the world.".

ACFX hired Delle as an external audit company, to ensure that all processes and digital audit reports are able to do the best in the industry.


PWC Certified Public Accountants (PWC)

"PricewaterhouseCoopers is world's top of the accounting firm, and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Deloitte), Ernst & Young (ey) and KPMG (KPMG) together are referred to as the big four accounting firms. "

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