Financial security

FNSFX committed to ensuring customers whenever money is safe. Client funds separately stored in HSBC Bank (HSBC), annual and interim financial audit done by Deloitte and PWC audit report, as well as other security measures to ensure our safety of customer funds.

Legal Supervision

FNSFX according to the British Virgin Islands Financial Committee (BVI FSC) and the EU Markets in Financial Instruments (MIFID) requirements will be stored in separate independent customer funds in segregated accounts

Diversion of funds

When customers deposit to FNSFX trading account, funds transferred directly to an independent trust accounts at HSBC, HSBC is the AAA-level World Bank, the company accounts and the separation of client accounts, in addition to the positions held by the customer margin, under any other circumstances are unable to use Customer funds

FNSFX only use its own funds to hedge transaction will not touch any client funds to do any opponent transaction or commercial operation, to ensure that there is a lot of liquidity, excess reserves and capital, in line with regulatory requirements.

Account Separation

Own funds means the clients' funds with FNSFX separate independent purpose of doing so is that if FNSFX event of default, the client money will be refunded customers, creditors will not be depending on this part of the funding for the company's assets have been recovered.

Funds deposited in the bank account specified in separate, independent and FNSFX own funds deposited.

Compensation Fund

Investor Compensation Fund was established in 2002, the company provides individual investment law, the management committee. If a company goes bankrupt or cease operations, the Fund will pay compensation to the client, the Fund covering the British Virgin Islands Mutual Funds Act authorized the company 

Risk control measures

FNSFX with a number of international cooperation at all times in order to provide the best spreads and liquidity

FNSFX using an automated system to monitor trading capital and risk management to ensure that the customer's account balance does not negative, is automatically cleared after warehouse explosion and guarantee your loss will not exceed the principal amount

FNSFX way out of gold offered by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to carry out, in order to ensure the privacy of customer funds and customer information security

FNSFX adopt a precise adaptability to client risk management procedures to classify and assess investment

FNSFX follow no repeat offer to avoid the customer's investment is adversely affected, follow the best operating policy for customers to implement the most favorable trading orders

FNSFX by providing detailed information about the terms and conditions to ensure the transparency of the financial instruments transactions

FNSFX financial audit by internal and external auditors examined annually and reported to the Finance Committee of the British Virgin Islands (BVI FSC).

FNSFX also need to provide capital adequacy report, the purpose is to ensure that any time of its own funds are greater than or equal to the regulatory capital requirements.

Clearing Measures

Will conduct a comprehensive risk assessment before choosing a bank transaction, all of the banks on the basis of the audit once every six months to ensure that they continue to meet the British Virgin Islands Mutual Funds Act, the British Virgin Islands Financial Committee (BVI FSC) and the European Union Markets in Financial Instruments (MIFID) the relevant requirements.

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